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Quotes from the Saints

God's goodness

Do not hate the sinner.  Become a proclaimer of God's grace, seeing that God provides for you even though you are unworthy.  Although your debt to him is very great, there is no evidence of him exacting any payment from you, whereas in return for the small ways in which you do manifest good intention, he rewards you abundantly.  Do not speak of God as 'just', for his justice is not in evidence in his actions towards you.

How can you call God just when you read the gospel lesson concerning the hiring of the workmen in the vineyard?  How can someone call God just when he comes to the story of the prodigal son who frittered away all his belongings in riotous living - yet merely in response to his contrition his father ran and fell on his neck, and gave him authority over all his possessions?

In these passages it is not someone else speaking about God; had that been the case, we might have had doubts about God's goodness.  No, it is God's own Son who testifies about him in this way.  Where then is this 'justice' in God, seeing that, although we were sinners, Christ died for us?  If he is so compassionate in this, we have faith that he will not change.

St. Issac of Syria



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