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Quotes from the Saints

The humble man

No one ever hates, or wounds with words, or despises the person who is humble; and because his Lord loves him he is dear to all.  Everyone loves him, everyone cherishes him, and wherever he approaches, people look on him as an angel of light and accord honour to him.  A wise and learned man may speak, but they silence him in order to give the humble an opportunity to speak: the eyes of everyone are fixed on his lips, to see what utterance will issue forth from him.  Everyone waits on his words as if they were words from God.

The humble man approaches wild animals, and the moment they catch sight of him their ferocity is tamed.  They come up and cling to him as to their Master, wagging their tails and licking his hands and feet.  They scent as coming from him the same fragrance that came from Adam before the transgression, the time when they were gathered together before him and he gave them names in Paradise.  This scent was taken away from us, but Christ has renewed it and given it back to us at his coming.  It is this which has sweetened the fragrance of humanity.  Even the demons with their malice and fierceness, with all the pride of their minds, become like dust once they have encountered a humble person.

St. Issac of Syria



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