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Quotes from the Saints


Nothing is so strong as desperation.  It knows no defeat a the hand of any, whether on the right hand or the left.  When someone has cut off in his mind all hope of life, no one is more daring that he; no foe can face him, no rumours of affliction can weaken his purpose, for every affliction which may come is less than death, for he has resolved to accept death for himself.

If, in every place and in every cirucmstance, and on every occasion in all that you intend to do you set your mind's sight on toil and affliction, then you will find yourself at all times courageous and unhesitating in standing up against all apparent difficulties.  Through the power of your deliberation, the timidity that is customarily born in people whose thoughts are set on comforts, will take flight.

Not only this, but all difficult and hard things which you may encounter will appear easy and light for you.  Indeed, it can often happen that your affairs turn out in the opposite way to what you had expected, and these things may not touch you.

St. Issac of Syria



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